Saturday, August 21, 2010


     Vampires Suck hit theatres Wednesday and it seems to be a prettie good hit. I liked it alot. I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga and I thought they did a great job mocking the movies. I think it was done in a tasteful way especially with the choice of actors who portayed them all. I love how they incorporated the Vampire Diaries and Trueblood in it as well. Stephenie should be a proud mama since not only her books and movies have taken off, but that they have made such an impact on the world that they made a mock of it. Any thoughts on this?

   On another note, Dinner for Schmucks seems to be doing great as well. I haven't made it out to see it yet. I'm not that huge of a Steve Carell. I'd much rather watch an Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey movie. They always get great ratings. What do you guys all think?

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