Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Worst Thing EVER!

Ok people we really need a discussion about the worst experience, situation, etc that's ever happened to you or has happened to someone you know. Mine is that I freaking got puked on at my county fair while waiting in line. Here's the story:

My friends and I were in line for my favourite ride, The Zipper. If you not familar with it, it's a ride that flips and spins alot. Anyway, while in line, Some kid on the ride got freaking sick so as it's spinning and flipping puke is flying everywhere. It got all over my favourite shirt, arms, hair and my pants (Luckily I was facing the other way so it didn't get my face) I couldn't look at my self or every breathe without gagging the whole time. All in all tho, my dad's coworker lived right by the fair so I got it all gone.

Now Let's gossip!

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